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Unfortunately, the majority of Americans do not have the necessary documents in place to carry out their last wishes upon death. As a result, these individuals burden their relatives with the painful details of administering their estate.


Doesn’t it make sense to make those decisions on your own? Isn’t it more appropriate that you yourself dictate the distribution of your estate rather than having a Judge make these choices for you?


Anderson & Anderson, LLP can help with your estate planning documents. Our simple will package includes the drafting of the following documents:


A Texas Testamentary Will
- This document allows you to distribute your property according to your wishes upon your passing.


A Texas Medical Power of Attorney
- This document allows you to appoint a trusted person to act as your agent to make health care decisions upon your incapacitation.

A Texas General Durable Power of Attorney
- This document allows you to appoint a trusted person to manage your affairs should you become disabled or unable to do so


A Texas Medical Directive to Physician
- This document allows you to communicate your wishes about whether or not you desire life-support should you become incapacitated.


A Texas Self-Proving Affidavit
- This document means that witnesses will not be required to admit your will to probate, making the process much easier, simpler and quicker.


In most cases, our legal fees for a simple will package are the following:


$400.00 per individual with no children;
$500.00 per individual with children;
$600.00 per married couple with no children; and
$700.00 per married couple with children.


Should you have any further questions, please contact our office.